Atlanta NCS
Shawn A. Tidwell

VP, Counsel

I am a firm believer in providing first class customer service, always putting the needs of the customer first. By using our extensive knowledge and experience as a team of real estate professionals, I believe that we are providing the best service in the title industry.


Shawn is Vice President and Counsel with the Atlanta National Commercial Services unit. After 10 years in private practice as a lawyer in Tennessee, he moved to Atlanta and joined the Atlanta NCS in 2003. Prior to joining the Atlanta NCS, Shawn was a substantial customer for that office. Although his role has always been in business development and sales, Shawn has worked and assisted to a great extent with underwriting over the years as well.

Shawn has substantial experience closing single and multi-site, multi-state real estate transactions, including large multi-family portfolios, hotels, timber, power plants, retail and office. One of the ways he differentiates himself in the market is with his substantial knowledge of underwriting, title policies and endorsements. Shawn frequently gives CLE seminars on title insurance issues.
Shawn feels lucky to be involved with such a great team, including the Atlanta NCS Sales Team, which includes himself, Andy McGarry, Doug Booher, and Andrew Gibson. He feels they each bring unique talents and backgrounds to the group. For example, in 2022, they helped generate and close more than $40 billion in commercial real estate transactions.

Shawn graduated from law school from the University of Memphis in 1993 and graduated with a BS in Finance from the University of Tennessee in 1990. He is licensed to practice law in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Shawn is a member of the American Bar Association, the Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia bar associations, NAIOP and ICSC. He is a former board member of REIAC and frequently writes and speaks about title related CLE topics. Shawn has spoken at the ICLE Law Conference, the ICSC Law Conference and other industry CLE events.